Selfly Intelligent Cabinet, Model 3 Series

Selfly Store was created with a simple purpose: empower retailers and service providers with a
transformative selfservice innovation that builds longterm, sustainable business and provides enhanced
value to consumers. To meet this goal, Selfly Store is introducing a new Intelligent cabinet Model series
with three different versions of the Selfly Intelligent Cabinet.

Imagine it anywhere.

With flexibility and usability at its heart, the intelligent cabinets cover the whole range from fresh food sales to the sale of frozen products and non food items.

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Fresh, cool or frozen. All goes.

Selfly Store is expanding its range of RFIDenabled micro stores designed for contactless onthego
purchasing. Selfly Store enables hotels, offices and other venues to offer meals and snacks in a cost
efficient way as the intelligent cabinets are unmanned and fully digitalized. The new model series consists
of three intelligent cabinets suitable for different end uses. Selfly Fresh is suitable for goods stored in room temperature; Selfly Cool for refrigerated meals and snacks and Selfly Frozen for frozen items.

The new Selfly IF3 Cabinet is developed to offer the best automated intelligent vending experience on the market. What makes the new Selfly IF3 so revolutionary is that it is being reengineered from the ground up. Designed from start to finish to be an unmanned intelligent cabinet. Unlike the ordinary snack and beverage dispensers, Selfly Store’s intelligent cabinets utilize cuttingedge RFID, sensor, cloud computing and IoT technologies to enhance convenience for consumers.

The Selfly IF3 cabinet is a step up in quality from our previous cabinet. Revolution built in, with cloud connectivity enabling our partners to run a datadriven business and optimize their operation in a new way. With two times better reading power, the Selfly IF3 cabinet offers the best item level detection on the market.

Award-winning solution.

Selfly Store’s intelligent cabinet awarded Best New Product 2022 by the Vendies. The Vendies is the most prestigious award in the vending industry.


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Key features of Selfly IF3 cabinet

Utilizing data for customer success

Let us tell you three reasons why your business can become more successful with the help of data. It is all about selling the right products at the right time to the right customers at the right price.

We have noticed the importance of optimizing inventory management. Our customer success team is here to help you with all these. With our in-house developed Selfly Store Cloud platform, we can provide support and analyses from different angles.

By adding RFID tags on each product, in combination with our expiry data management system triggering automated discounts you can optimize both pricing and keep track of your inventory.

Our customer success team will have many more ideas to offer and will help you step by step to success. Some of our customers have increased their monthly revenue by thousands of euros. And that is exactly what we want our customers to get by working with us.

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