Selfly Desktop Encoding Station EU

2 800,00 

Compact sized encoding station with an intuitive, easy to use encoding software.

The product price includes:

  • Selfy Desktop Encoding Station

Kindly note that product configuration, set up and the software needed to operate the cabinet are not included in the price. 

Shipping is not included in price.


The Selfly Desktop Encoding Station is used for encoding product barcode information into RFID tags to enable unmanned sales from the Selfly Intelligent Cabinets. The easy-to-use system guides the user through the correct RFID tag type selection and placement on the products. Multiple products can be encoded at the same time and the always connected Selfly Cloud keeps product catalog and encoding instructions updated. As opposed to RFID printers, Selfly Desktop encoding station removes the need to calibrate the devices when changing RFID tags.

Watch video to see how it works.

Technical specifications

Dimensions: 400 × 480 × 400 (w x d x h) mm outer
Weight: 8,2kg
Display: 13” 1920×1080, touchscreen
Frame: Painted cold rolled aluminum sheet
Cover material: Oak, oil finish

Selfly Desktop Encoding Station: Download product brochure

Selfly Cloud: Download product brochure

Important info

The orders made through the online portal are considered as non-binding pre-orders. A sales representative will contact you within 1-2 business days to go over your order.

Product configuration, set up and the software needed to operate the cabinet are not included in the price. For an all-inclusive package,  we recommend the Selfly Starter Package.

Shipping is not included in price. Shipping cost will be confirmed after order is submitted. The measurements of products when packed for delivery are:

DES: 60x80x74  (packed on a pallet), weight 30 kg, – do not top load

Currently orders on the web shop are only possible inside Finland and Sweden. If you are located outside of these areas, kindly contact us using the form on the bottom of the page.

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