ECO Stripe U8 RFID label


For metallic or metallized product packaging

Sustainable, tamper proof recognition and expiry date management of your products. The ECO Stripe RFID label is optimized for on-metal applications inside the Selfly Intelligent Cabinet.

The product is sold in reels. One reel includes 4,000 tags.

Shipping is not included in price.


The sustainable ECO Stripe RAIN RFID label by Stora Enso is optimized for metallic or metallized product packaging inside the Selfly Intelligent Cabinet, such as soda cans or metallic lids.

Used as part of the Selfly Store Solution, ECO Stripe enables tracking of product expiry dates, which reduces food-waste. The ECO Stripe RFID label can be recycled as part of the paper and cardboard recycling process.

Watch video to learn more about ECO RFID by Stora Enso.

Technical specifications

Size: 43 x 21mm
Chip type: NXP UCODE 8m
Minimum order quantity from web shop: 1 roll (4,000pcs)

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Important info

The orders made through the online portal are considered as non-binding pre-orders. A sales representative will contact you within 1-2 business days to go over your order.

The minimum order quantity for RFID tags is one (1) roll.
Shipping is not included in price. Shipping cost for RFID tags will be confirmed after order is submitted.

Currently orders on the web shop are only possible inside Finland and Sweden. 
If you are located outside of these areas, kindly contact us using the form on the bottom of the page.

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