Selfly Store Starter Package

11 000,00 

Everything you need to set up your own Selfly Store!

The starter package includes:

  • 1 x Selfly Intelligent Cabinet with 5 shelves and a NAYAX contactless card payment terminal
  • 1 x Selfly Desktop Encoding Station
  • 1 x annual Selfly Cloud software license for both the Selfly Intelligent Cabinet and the Selfly Desktop Encoding station.
  • 1 x Selfly ReFill App
  • 1 roll of Sustainable & recyclable ECO RFID tags for your products (defined together with you after order is submitted).
  • One year Service & Support:
    • Project management during delivery and set up
    • Operator training to get started
    • Installation and deployment (remotely)
    • Customer account setup & activation
    • 8/5 service desk for incident reporting
    • 3rd line support including detailed diagnostics and troubleshooting, workarounds and resolutions.
    • Remote support in field operations.

Shipping and the mandatory contract with Nayax is not included in price.


Selfly Store by Stora Enso is a complete, easy to set up solution that enables you to run your own unmanned self-service micro-store! With the Selfly Store Solution, consumer  convenience can be offered wherever customers are. The turn-key solution provides plenty of opportunities in various business settings ranging from single point-of-service with 1-2 cabinets in for example restaurants, offices, or fitness centers to complete unmanned convenience stores with dozens of cabinets.

Here is how it works:

  1. The Selfly Intelligent Cabinet is set up with your product selection in your location, where it serves customer 24/7 without an increase in personnel costs.
  2. After set up, consumers can buy multiple products at a time from the cabinet using easy, contactless payment options.
  3. Real time inventory, purchase data and other advanced analytics on the Selfly eCommerce Platform inform of the need to stock products or optimize selection based on location specific data.
  4. Products are tagged with Stora Enso’s sustainable ECO RFID tags and encoded by operator or partner directly on site or in an assigned location using the Selfly Encoding Station.
  5. The cabinet is easily and quickly refilled by operator or service partner.


Technical specifications

Selfly Intelligent Cabinet: Download product brochure, Download technical data sheet
Selfly Desktop Encoding station: Download technical data sheet
Selfly Cloud: Download technical datasheet
Selfly Refill App: Download brochure

Important info

The orders made through the online portal are considered as non-binding pre-orders. A sales representative will contact you within 1-2 business days to go over your order.

Shipping is not included in price. Shipping cost will be confirmed after order is submitted. The measurements of products when packed for delivery are:

Cabinet: 80x120x236 cm (packed on an EUR pallet) weight 120 kg – do not top load

DES: 60x80x74  (packed on a pallet), weight 30 kg, – do not top load

Currently orders on the web shop are only possible inside Finland and Sweden. If you are located outside of these areas, kindly contact us using the form on the bottom of the page.

A separate contract is required between Nayax and the Selfly Store operator in order to use the Nayax card payment terminal.

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