Selfly Store by Stora Enso releases mobile micro markets for indoor and outdoor uses

Selfly Store by Stora Enso introduces a new micro market concept for indoor and outdoor uses. Powered by RFID-technology and built around the Selfly Intelligent Cabinets by Stora Enso, the Selfly Micromarket by Stora Enso enables retailers to expand their service in an unmanned, self-service manner.

Selfly Micromarket offers consumers a seamless, 24/7 shopping experience with contactless payment options, flexible product selection, and no queuing. Operator branding can be added to the micro market frame to strengthen operator recognition, and the customer experience can be enriched with scent and sound technology. Coffee machines readiness is also available.

The Selfly Micromarket is built with quality materials and the outdoor models are designed to withstand changing weather conditions. The mobile micro market can be set up nearly anywhere, including shopping malls, parking lots, sports centers, offices and universities. Transportation between locations can also be easily managed.

Built around the Selfly Intelligent Cabinets by Stora Enso, the Selfly Micromarket comes with all Selfly Store features, including the advanced Selfly Cloud, which provides the operator with real-time data on the micro market performance, such as sales, inventory, and top selling products. Expiry date management of fresh food items is also included, helping operators reduce food waste.

Selfly Micromarket by Stora Enso – Key features

  • Powered by RFID-technology
  • Unmanned and mobile with easy set-up and transportation between locations
  • Quality materials and durability in changing weather conditions
  • Built around Selfly Intelligent Cabinets and Selfly Cloud, including all Selfly Store features, such as real-time expiry date management
  • Each Selfly Intelligent Cabinet inside the micro market can hold up to 200 SKUs enabling wide variety and flexibility in product selection. Coffee machine readiness is also available.
  • Enhanced customer experience with contactless payment, branded outlook, and scent and sound technology
  • 3 sizes: S, M, L

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