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Do It Your Selfly!

What is Selfly Store?

Selfly Store was created to improve the shopping experience for consumers and add sales opportunities for merchants. Unlike ordinary snack and beverage vending machines, Selfly Store’s intelligent vending machine differentiates itself by catering to a much bigger variety of use cases, where any product can be sold regardless of form and material. At the same time, consumers can enjoy a far more convenient experience than with a traditional vending machine.

Today Selfly Store’s cabinet portfolio includes a fridge, a freezer, and an ambient version. Our solutions are used by 100+ forward-thinking business owners across 21 European countries.

How it works

Selfly Store provides consumers with convenient, fun, and frictionless grab-and-go shopping experiences in all kinds of places. The pure though behind Selfly Store’s intelligent vending machine is that it should be as easy to use as your home fridge, just automatically refilled.

How Selfly Store works from the consumer's perspective


Unlock the door with a card or digital wallet.


Take as many products as you wish.


Close the door and enjoy. The cabinet automatically charges you for the purchased items.

Key features and benefits

Convenient, fun, and frictionless

The sleek cabinet design and inviting cabinet screen makes shopping fun and effortless. Consumers use contactless payment methods, can select several products in one go, and are able to touch and feel every product before selecting. Our data shows that over 20% of customers buy more than one item from our intelligent cabinets.  

Unique multi-temp technology

The Selfly Store Model 3 comes in three versions, Selfly Ambient, Selfly Fridge and Selfly Freezer to suit all products. Moreover, the cabinets ensure even temperatures from bottom to top shelves, so consumers receive top-quality products. 

Built for purpose and with highest quality

The Selfly Store Model 3 is developed and manufactured in Finland. Every detail of the product is engineered from scratch for RFID technology, leading to superior item level detection and reliability for both merchant and consumer. It works without any hassle! 

Flexible product selection

Items of nearly every size, shape, durability and material can be sold – your imagination is the only limitation! Moreover, the assortment can be changed at any time, with minimal effort, to boost your sales and delight your customers 

Sales optimisation and advertising

The Selfly Store Model 3 is connected to the Selfly Cloud, which provides real-time data on item level. Through analytics about product selection, stock-levels, prices, locations etc., sales and replenishment can be optimised remotely. Advertising can be done directly on the screen of the cabinets.

Food waste reduction

About one third of all food worldwide goes to waste. This contributes to roughly 10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and is a huge economic drain. Selfly Store Model 3 offers a unique expiry date tracking feature for fresh food items. Through the Selfly Cloud, automatic discounting rules can be set to eliminate the risk of food waste.

Powerful discounting engine

In addition to expiry date tracking and mark-downs, there is a variety of other discounting options. Examples include bundle discounts and scheduled discounts. Bundling combines several items at a favourable price, and scheduling sets up discounts valid for certain time periods.

Software updates and value adding apps

Merchants always get the latest software updates and new feature releases to their Selfly Store Model 3 intelligent cabinets. Moreover, the Selfly Cloud has an API enabling merchants to integrate value-adding apps and services for consumers. Example apps include loyalty programs, menu overview, and special offers. 

We are obsessed with customer success

At Selfly Store, our most important target is for our customers to succeed with their Selfly solutions. That’s why we offer a unique customer success advisory where our experts share best practices and insights based on valuable data.

In everything we do for our customers, we aim at to deliver an outstanding customer experience.  We do this by always being reliable, proactive, quick, and easy to work with.

Buy or lease your Selfly Store intelligent vending machine

Getting started is quick and easy. The Selfly Store solutions grow with your business: You can start with just one Selfly Store machine and add more at any point! Contact us to learn more.

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