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Dr Juice smart fridge

 Dr. Juice powers up with smart vending technology from Selfly Store

Dr. Juice: A beacon of health and flavor in Malta

In Malta, Dr. Juice is a popular brand known for its focus on health and taste. They have over 10 locations on the island. Their approach is unique: they prepare healthy and delicious food in one central kitchen and deliver it fresh to their stores every day. This way, they make sure all their food is not only tasty but also good for your health.

Dr. Juice is more than just a place to eat. It's about a healthy way of living, combining good food with staying active. Their stores are welcoming places for people who want to eat food that is both healthy for the body and satisfying for the heart, using natural ingredients. Dr. Juice is well-loved in Malta for its care for the environment and its commitment to offering food that supports people's daily lives, no matter how busy or calm their day is.

Embracing smart vending solutions for expansion and efficiency

Confronting the challenge of high commissions from food delivery services like Uber Eats, which were affecting their profit margins significantly - Dr. Juice turned to an innovative solution in Selfly Store's smart vending machines. The smart vending fridges they have implemented are not just cost-effective but also allow the brand to broaden its reach independently, without depending on external delivery services. This shift to smart vending machine technology has been crucial, especially at a time when delivery sales are a significant part of their business.

While the Selfly Store machines have enabled Dr Juice to reduce their dependence on expensive delivery services, they have at the same time significantly increased Dr. Juice's brand reach and service range into both office and production locations. Moreover, the Dr Juice brand, including the smart vending fridge business model, has proven to be an attractive proposition for potential international franchisees.

Dr Juice smart vending machine in office

Strategic placement and operational excellence

Dr. Juice strategically targets the corporate and production sectors, often isolated from conventional restaurants and operating round-the-clock, as their core market. The deployment of 10 smart vending fridges in these locations has aligned perfectly with their business model, bringing their products closer to a wider customer base.

The logistics of refilling the smart vending machines are seamlessly integrated with deliveries to their outlets, ensuring efficiency. The data collected from the Selfly Store Fridges offer valuable insights, particularly highlighting the success of cabinets located in 24-hour factory areas. Popular items like wraps, bread, baguettes, and toasties, drive sales, providing direction for product assortment.



Future plans and continued partnership

Looking ahead, Dr. Juice plans to expand within the factory segment where their smart vending machines have seen considerable success, as well as other locations where the extended foodservices offering have improved customer experiences. Dr. Juice also aim to expand their product range to include snacks with longer shelf lives. Their partnership with Multivend Services (a Selfly Store reseller) has been fruitful, with excellent aftersales support and numerous leads contributing to their growth.

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