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Well Eat reinvents corporate foodservices

Well Eat is set out to revolutionize corporate dining

In today's rapidly evolving corporate landscape, Well Eat, under the innovative leadership of Thomas Chauvin and Alexis Reynaud, has pioneered a transformative approach to workplace dining. This narrative is further enriched by the incorporation of Selfly Store's advanced smart fridge technology, offering a seamless, health-conscious, and environmentally friendly catering solution.

Well Eat delivers healthy and fresh meals to workplaces

Founded amidst the challenging conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, Well Eat emerged as a shining example of new thinking in Besançon, France. Recognizing the shifting demands for safer, healthier, and more convenient dining options, Thomas and Alexis envisioned a service that directly delivers nutritious meals to the workplace. These meals, characterized by their local sourcing and eco-friendly ethos, represent Well Eat's commitment to sustainability and wellness. "Our goal was to harmonize with the modern workforce's evolving needs while staying true to our dedication to health and the environment," explains Thomas.

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The role of Selfly Store's smart fridges

Central to Well Eat's operational model is the integration of Selfly Store's smart fridge technology. They offer an efficient, sanitary, and user-friendly platform for food storage and distribution, thus maintaining the integrity of Well Eat's culinary offerings. Alexis highlights the significance of this integration, "Adopting Selfly Store's technology was a pivotal decision for us. It ensured our food's freshness and facilitated an intuitive, effortless experience for our customers."

Fresh food vending machine

Operational footprint and impact

Well Eat operates across 30 locations, predominantly in office settings, with an expanding presence in banks and similar establishments. This wide-reaching network underscores Well Eat's capacity to meet the diverse culinary needs of the modern workforce, providing accessible and healthy food options across various professional environments.

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Customer experience and expansion

The implementation of Well Eat's services, augmented by Selfly Store's smart fridges, has significantly elevated the dining experience in workplaces and beyond. The ease of access, combined with the quality of meals, has garnered positive feedback from customers, propelling Well Eat to a leadership position in the market. "Our clients value the convenience, quality, and innovation we bring to their dining tables," Thomas shares, reflecting on the positive consumer testimonials.

Looking ahead, Thomas and Alexis are committed to broadening Well Eat's reach, continuously enhancing their meal offerings, and further innovating their service model. "Our future plans are geared towards expanding our footprint to new markets and consistently refining our meal selections," Thomas tells, signaling a promising trajectory for Well Eat's growth and innovation.

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The symbiotic relationship between Well Eat and Selfly Store exemplifies the fusion of visionary entrepreneurship and cutting-edge technology. Together, they are setting new benchmarks in corporate catering, demonstrating how innovation and strategic thinking can revolutionize an industry. As Well Eat and Selfly Store continue to evolve, they stand as harbingers of progress, heralding a future where workplace catering is synonymous with health, convenience, and sustainability, thereby reshaping the very essence of the corporate dining experience. Interested to know more? Tune it to this webinar with Alexis and Thomas where they tell more.

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