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The new Selfly IF3 cabinet series.

Fresh, Cool or Frozen. All goes.

Consumer experience

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What is Selfly Store?

Selfly Store by Stora Enso is a complete, easy to set up solution that enables you to run your own unmanned self-service micro-store.

Watch the video to see how.

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Use cases

Selfly Store adapts into your business

Fresh food for offices, schools, hospitals and workplaces

Service hours can be extended to meet the changing work life by serving a versatile selection of food, snacks and daily goods.

24/7 convenience stores with no personnel

Kiosks and small convenience stores can be converted into fully digitalized, 24/7 unmanned stores with no personnel.

Great add-on for hotel lobbies and minibars

Service can be extended from minibars in rooms to floors and lobbies with a more comprehensive offering.

Easy shopping in semi-public spaces

Consumer convenience can be offered in spaces such as gyms, libraries, golf courses and airports, where consumers want to buy fast.

Key benefits

Increased revenue

Extended business hours and locations

Complete solution with easy setup

All you need to run a successful business. Get up and running within minutes.

Unmanned, 24/7 service

New level of service without increase in personnel costs

Advanced analytics

Real time sales statistics and inventory management to optimize operation

Improved customer experience

Multiple payment options and purchase of multiple items at once

Sustainable retail

Reduced waste and minimized shrinkage

Solution components

Set up your own Selfly Store today with our starter's kit!

Selfly Intelligent Cabinet by Stora Enso

Always open, fully automated self-serve kiosk. Pick just one, or a full battery suiting your needs. Download brochure

Selfly Desktop Encoding Station by Stora Enso

Compact and intuitive encoding of RFID tags attached onto your products. It doesn't get easier than this. Download brochure


The sustainable RFID tags offer you tamper proof and reliable recognition of products. Contact us for more information

Selfly ReFill App by Stora Enso

Secure replenishment with a web-based mobile app and real-time inventory reports. Quick and easy. Download brochure

Selfly Cloud by Stora Enso

Real time access to product catalogue, sales and device management. Cherish the data. Download brochure

Services & support

Wide variety of services and support to ensure success from the start. Your store is always in good hands. Download brochure

How it works in practice - easy!

1. The Cabinet is set up in your location. You can get up and running in under 30 min.

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2. Your chosen products are tagged with sustainable RFID tags and encoded.

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3. Your clients buy multiple products at a time using easy, contactless payment options.

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5. Your cabinet is easily and quickly refilled by operator or service partner.

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Our Selfly Store network includes

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Ready to get started?

Ville Huhtaniemi

Sales Director
mobile: +358 407 601 855

Enrique Bretones

Sales Manager - South Europe
mobile: +34 620 682 208

Louis-Matar Gueye

Sales Manager - France
mobile: +33 6 99 46 72 98

Daniel Ivan

Sales Manager - UK, Ireland
mobile: +44 7596 860 122

Patrick Gomes

Patrick Gomes

Sales Manager - Central Europe
mobile: +32 498 17 39 19

HÃ¥vard Nilsen

Sales Manager Scandinavia
mobile: +46 73 344 64 46

Topi Saukkonen

Sales Manager Finland and Baltics
mobile: +358 46 600 2777