New Technology Allows 24/7 Fresh Food Services at Workplaces

A lack of healthy and available food and nutrition at the workplace can adversely affect how people perform. On the other hand, adequate nutrition has been seen to increase productivity with up to 20%. The food-challenges many workplaces deal with are; long queues in crowded canteens, unpredictable number of employees physically onsite from day-to-day, and expensive options to offer food outside of peak-hours. 

In this webinar, Aslak de Silva, CEO of Selfly Store, and Lena Schüpbach, co-founder of Noury, will discuss how new food service business models and real-time data can ease these pain points, and how Noury’s food service business model is disrupting the Swiss market.

Staying relevant in the new era of vending

Global megatrends and consumer trends implicate a future where data is the new gold. In addition, consumers become increasingly conscious about both their personal health and carbon footprint, all while expecting convenience throughout all touchpoints. Consequently, the vending industry is facing a disruption, where vending operators and merchants must adapt rapidly to stay relevant.

Join Selfly Stores webinar “Staying relevant in the new era of vending”. In this keynote speech, Aslak de Silva, Managing Director, Selfly Store will share the key factors of how to future-proof your vending business, by leveraging data and applying the right marketing mechanisms.