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Customer success

At Selfly Store, our most important target is for our customers to succeed with their Selfly solutions. That’s why we offer a unique customer success advisory where our experts share best practices and insights based on valuable data.

Our customer success offering


Commercial and technical onboarding of each customer to ensure best conditions for success.

Data-based insights

We proactively provide insights, based on analytics from 21 countries, as well as the individual customer, to ensure commercial success.

Dedicated delivery manager

A dedicated delivery manager per customer, as well as a support organisation which is always reachable for questions and concerns. Our customer support reacts within one hour to requests.


All customers have access to our Selfly Store Community for knowledge sharing, as well as whitepapers, and commercial- and technical resources.

In everything we do for our customers, we aim at to deliver an outstanding customer experience. We do this by always being reliable, proactive, quick, and easy to work with!

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