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Smart vending machines at an office

Smart vending machines at the core of Fresh Lab's food service offerings

Fresh Lab Solutions, a visionary company dedicated to transforming the taste industry, partnered with Selfly Store to enhance their food services with cutting-edge technology. By incorporating Selfly Store’s innovative products into their business model, Fresh Lab Solutions has been able to improve inventory management, customer satisfaction, and overall operational efficiency.

About Fresh Food Lab

Fresh Lab Solutions aimed to revolutionize the restaurant industry and promote responsible, sustainable practices. However, they encountered several challenges along the way, such as managing food inventory effectively to minimize waste and ensure freshness, adapting to changing consumer needs and preferences while maintaining high-quality offerings, and streamlining the customer experience and strengthening customer engagement.

Food from a smart vending machine

Partnership with Selfly Store

By partnering with Selfly Store, Fresh Lab Solutions was able to overcome these challenges and embrace the future of food services. They adopted Selfly Store’s RFID technology to track ingredients and dishes from the moment they enter inventory until they are sold. This real-time tracking and digital inventory management system allows Fresh Lab Solutions to optimize costs, reduce waste, and ensure the highest quality of food for their customers.

With Selfly Store’s smart vending solutions, Fresh Lab Solutions was able to create a unique and engaging experience for their customers. From simplified reservations to QR code-enabled menus, Fresh Lab Solutions can now offer a seamless dining experience tailored to each customer’s preferences.

Selfly Store’s data analytics tools have enabled Fresh Lab Solutions to monitor and analyze customer satisfaction in real-time. By leveraging data insights, Fresh Lab Solutions can continuously refine their offerings and stay ahead of industry trends.

Smart vending fridge with branding and food

Outcomes from the partnership

Since implementing Selfly Store’s innovative solutions, Fresh Lab Solutions has experienced significant improvements in their operations and customer satisfaction. They have been able to reduce food waste and optimize inventory management, leading to cost savings. Customer satisfaction and engagement have increased through personalized dining experiences. Furthermore, data-driven insights allow Fresh Lab Solutions to adapt to changing market demands and maintain their status as industry pioneers.


By partnering with Selfly Store, Fresh Lab Solutions has taken a bold step towards transforming the taste industry and shaping a more responsible, sustainable future. With the support of Selfly Store’s cutting-edge technology, Fresh Lab Solutions is poised to continue breaking new ground and creating unforgettable culinary experiences for their customers.

Once upon a time, in a world where food was no longer just a necessity, but a passion, a group of visionaries came together to create Fresh Lab Solutions.


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