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Happy Boss and Selfly Store: Transforming workplace dining with contactless  vending

The Future of the Workplace: Nourishing Minds and Bodies in a Flexible Environment

Introduction to the future workplace

The global pandemic has not only reshaped our understanding of work but also highlighted the significance of employee well-being in the workplace. As organizations worldwide pivot towards more flexible work models, the role of food at work emerges as a cornerstone in this new paradigm. Offering nutritious meals around the clock, especially in a 24/7 operational environment, ensures that all employees, irrespective of their shifts, have access to healthy food options. This not only boosts productivity and morale but also underscores an organization’s commitment to its workforce’s holistic well-being.

We were fortunate to engage in a conversation with Josef Elias, Head of Large Accounts, and Frida Svedemar, Large Account Manager at Happy Boss. Our discussion delved into their insights on the changing workplace landscape and the integral role of food within it. Renowned as a top-tier Facility Management company in Sweden, Happy Boss champions its ‘Food at Work’ services, which are based on Selfly Store’s technology.

The rise of the hybrid model

Josef Elias, Head of Large Accounts at Happy Boss, notes, “The pandemic amplified the work-from-home trend, challenging the traditional office setup. While open spaces encourage teamwork, they don’t suit everyone, a fact accentuated post-pandemic. The hybrid model, blending remote and on-site work, is fast becoming the gold standard. To entice employees back, it’s imperative for employers to enhance the appeal of their physical workspaces.”

Frida Svedemar, Large Account Manager at Happy Boss, highlights the evolution of workplace amenities, saying, “To attract the best, foundational amenities like ergonomic furniture and cutting-edge technology are a given. However, what were once considered perks, like popcorn machines, ice cream dispensers, and ‘Food at Work’ solutions, are now becoming essentials in crafting a standout employee experience.”

RFID technology and vending machine inventory tracking

The multifaceted role of food at work

Happy Boss has identified numerous advantages for their clients in providing ‘Food at Work’ to their employees.

  • Nutrition and productivity: A well-nourished employee is an asset. The International Labour Organization suggests that appropriate workplace nutrition can enhance productivity by up to 20%.
  • Employee well-being: Healthy food options signal an employer’s investment in its employees’ health and well-being. Food is extremely important during all hours of the working day, not just around lunch. In Sweden, it has been noted that around 50% of food consumption from Selfly Stores at work takes place outside of lunch hours.
  • Social cohesion: Eating areas become social hubs, fostering camaraderie and team spirit.
  • Incentive and retention: Offering food perks during specific days or extended hours serves as a potent tool for both retaining talent and attracting employees back to the physical workplace.
  • Behavioral influence: Through analytics, employers gain insights into their staff’s needs and preferences. Leveraging this data with strategic discounts allows them to guide employees towards healthier options, fostering improved dietary habits.

“Selfly Store’s technology is not just about providing nutritious meals; it’s a treasure trove of data that reveals invaluable insights into workplace habits,” says Josef Elias, Head of Large Accounts at Happy Boss. “Understanding what employees eat, when they eat, and their preferred combinations can be transformative for workplace wellness strategies.

“Beyond the data, the system’s automated expiry date tracking, combined with dynamic discounting, plays a crucial role in waste reduction,” remarks Frida Svedemar, Large Account Manager at Happy Boss. “Additionally, its capability to offer uninterrupted food services without the need for extra personnel positions it as the prime solution for hospitals and other establishments operating on shifts.”


Happy Boss's solution in an office setting.

Happy Boss: Pioneering 'Food at Work' for a global logistics giant

The pandemic brought with it a slew of challenges, one of which was the sudden shift to remote work. However, for sectors like logistics, working from home wasn’t feasible. These essential workers, responsible for the movement of goods across continents, were on the front lines, ensuring that supply chains remained uninterrupted.

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by these workers, Happy Boss took the initiative to launch their ‘Food at Work’ service at one of the world’s most prominent logistics and transportation companies, with a vast network of warehouses and distribution points.

Vending machine inventory tracking

Understanding the importance of easy access to food for these workers, Happy Boss strategically set up food stations across these locations. But they didn’t just stop at accessibility. They ensured that the meals provided were of top-notch quality. Priced at a reasonable 70 Swedish Krona (SEK), these meals were a blend of nutrition, environmental consciousness, and a touch of local flavors. By sourcing ingredients locally, they not only supported local businesses but also reduced the carbon footprint associated with transporting food items over long distances.

The results of this initiative were immediately evident. There was a marked 10% reduction in sick leaves among the workers, directly attributed as a positive impact of the ‘Food at Work’ project. Moreover, the feedback from the employees was overwhelmingly positive, with many appreciating the quality and variety of meals available.

In essence, Happy Boss’s ‘Food at Work’ service wasn’t just about providing food; it was about ensuring the well-being of the workforce, boosting morale, and indirectly enhancing productivity in one of the most critical sectors during the pandemic.


The workplace of the future is not just about flexible hours or ergonomic chairs. It’s about creating an environment where employees feel valued, connected, and cared for. And as the collaboration between Happy Boss and Selfly Store demonstrates, sometimes, the way to an employee’s loyalty and well-being is through their stomach.

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