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HJK Bolt Arena in Helsinki

Selfly Store collaborates with HJK at Bolt Arena

Improving the football arena experience

Selfly Store's partnership with HJK, the Finnish football league in Helsinki, marks a significant step towards elevating the experience at Bolt Arena. Located in the heart of the city, Bolt Arena accommodates up to 10,770 spectators across its four stands. This collaboration introduces Selfly Store's innovative smart vending machines throughout the venue, revolutionizing food services and cutting down on queues.

With five strategically placed smart vending machines, the goal is to efficiently serve large crowds within limited time frames. These user-friendly cabinets are designed to minimize waiting times, especially during match breaks. Given that the break is only about 15 minutes and, at best, over 10,000 people need to be served, the Selfly cabinets not only offer snacks and beverages but also HJK merchandise, freeing up queues from the usual canteens and providing fans with more options during game days.

"HJK aims to provide its spectators with an even better matchday experience. Partnering with Selfly Store offers the opportunity to improve our food offerings, and we strongly believe that this partnership will enhance the overall spectator experience," says HJK's CEO, Aki Riihilahti.

For customers, purchasing from these smart vending machines is swift, with the entire transaction taking just about 10 seconds, thanks to RFID, sensor, and cloud technologies. This streamlined process ensures that football fans have more time to immerse themselves in the excitement of the match.

Two smart vending machines at a football arena

Find five Selfly Store smart vending machines around Bolt Arena 

When in Bolt Arena in Helsinki, you can find five fridges filled with non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, and HJK merchandise.

The three locations of the Selfly store smart vending machines are:

  • Main Entrance towards the Main Stand (Pääkatsomo)
  • HJK End (Klubipääty)
  • East Stand (Itäkatsomo) 
Selfly Store collaborates with HJK at Bolt Arena in Helsinki

Selfly Store x HJK video

Experience the Selfly Store Smart vending machines at Bolt Arena by watching HJK Players fuel up with our solution. Click below to watch the video and join us in transforming the matchday experience at Bolt Arena.

Discover more reference cases here. 


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