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How it works

Selfly Store provides consumers with convenient, fun, and frictionless grab-and-go shopping experiences in all kinds of places. The pure though behind Selfly Store’s intelligent vending machine is that it should be as easy to use as your home fridge, just automatically refilled.

How Selfly Store’s intelligent vending machine works from the consumer’s perspective


Unlock the door with a card or digital wallet.


Take as many products as you wish.


Close the door and enjoy. The cabinet automatically charges you for the purchased items.

How to buy from a Selfly Store

Get a receipt and leave feedback

How Selfly Store’s intelligent vending machine works from the merchant’s perspective

Set up the cabinet

The cabinet is set up at the merchant’s location and the merchant is trained in the best practices of doing business with the Selfly Store Model 3.

Tag and encode products

Products are tagged with RFID tags and encoded before placed in the cabinet.

Replenish and delight customers

The merchant easily opens the door with the Selfly Refill App and replenishes the cabinet when needed. The inventory is updated in real-time. When consumers buy one or several products the purchase data is also transferred in real-time to the Selfly Cloud.

Follow the data

The merchant receives real-time inventory, purchase data, and other advanced analytics through the Selfly Cloud.

Optimising the business together with Selfly Store

Merchants are provided frequent customer success advisory by the Selfly Store team.

How to tag and encode products for the Selfly Store intelligent vending machine

How to replenish the Selfly Store intelligent vending machine

How to work with the features and data in the Selfly Cloud

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