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Aslak de Silva appointed as Managing Director, Selfly Store

Aslak de Silva has been appointed as the Managing Director for Selfly Store. Aslak starts in the position on February 15.

To the role Aslak comes from Nordic Business Forum, where he has been the CEO for the past years. Aslak has worked 15 years on the international business field, and in his new position, he steers the growth of Selfly Store as the leading 2nd generation solution for vending and intelligent self-service.

“I was immediately intrigued by this opportunity. I have had the privilege to work with many global business leaders over the years and have seen how technology and innovation drives positive change for both the people and the planet. The slogan “Shopping wherever, whenever, people are” – explains the trends in consumer demands we are all seeing around us. In retail and food, the disruptive self-service technologies push the industry forward by utilizing data for personalized user experiences. Selfly Store is leading this transformation with a unique and advanced technology approach and I am excited to be part of this story. I see great things ahead for Selfly Store and I want to focus on empowering the team behind the business”, Aslak says.

“It has been wonderful to witness the growth journey of Selfly Store and how the market has responded to this unique award-winning solution. The tremendous growth possibilities of the solution, especially in the fresh food segment, are exciting and I am confident that Aslak will continue to drive the growth of Selfly Store”, says Samuli Savo, Chairman of the Board of Selfly Store.

About Selfly Store

Selfly Store Oy is a Finnish company that develops and manufactures self-service technologies for the retail market, especially for B2C fresh food sales.

The turnkey Selfly Store solution has been deployed in 16 countries across Europe and the solution is used by leading companies, such as Sodexo. In 2021, Selfly Store won the ‘Best Retail ICX’ Award by the Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Association.