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Selfly Store CEO, Aslak de Silva, awarded 10 Best CEOs to Watch 2023

We are excited to announce that our CEO, Aslak de Silva, has been named as one of the ’10 Best CEOs to Watch 2023′ by The Chief’s Digest. This is a testament to Aslak’s ability to balance authenticity with innovation while leading his team towards shared goals with confidence and transparency. 

The Chief’s Digest spotlights CEOs who demonstrate a multifaceted approach and unique competencies in their leadership roles. The CEOs named by the publication stand out by proactively opening new doors of opportunities for their companies to grow and scale. Aslak’s recognition by Chief’s Digest solidifies his position as a leader who is continuously opening new doors of opportunities for Selfly Store. 

In their remarks, The Chief’s Digest describes that Aslak’s experience and knowledge, coupled with his commitment to innovative and adaptive strategies, are key components of Selfly Store’s successful journey. He remains dedicated to fostering a transparent and united team, all while keeping a focused vision of the future. 

His recognition as one of the ’10 Best CEOs to Watch 2023′ celebrates not only his individual accomplishments but also his relentless dedication to making Selfly Store a leader in its field. Join us in celebrating Aslak de Silva’s recognition, as we continue to be part of his inspiring journey and look forward to more outstanding achievements at Selfly Store! 

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