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Korttelikauppa expands unmanned grocery stores to five new locations

After introducing their first unmanned stores to central Helsinki in 2020, the Finnish self-service grocery store chain, Korttelikauppa, has expanded to five new locations using Selfly Store by Stora Enso.

The new Korttelikauppa stores have been opened within Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa area at the beginning of 2021.

All Korttelikauppa stores are unmanned and fully automated, making it possible for customers to shop basic groceries quickly and independently without personnel. With a selection of over 200 products and opening hours from 4am to 12am, Korttelikauppa is bringing services to locations where they can otherwise be limited due to long distances or traditional service hours.

Stora Enso is the official technology provider for Korttelikauppa and all the stores utilize the RFID-based Selfly Store by Stora Enso. At the core of the solution are Selfly Intelligent Cabinets by Stora Enso, RFID-enabled e-kiosks designed for contactless on-the-go purchasing. Consumers can buy multiple products at a time from the cabinet using contactless card payment. All sales and inventory data is automatically stored on the Selfly Cloud Platform, where store operators can access real-time data of each cabinet to optimize their operation.

‘Our aim is to bring services closer to people. With unmanned stores, we can offer flexibility, swiftness and ease to the everyday lives of our customers. Stora Enso’s Selfly Store is intelligently designed and can be trusted to perform and scale up as we expand to new locations.’ says Sanna Mäenpää, Business Development Manager at Korttelikauppa.

 ‘Automated grocery shops are a growing topic in Europe, where urbanization and COVID-19 have troubled traditional retail concepts and pushed smart convenience forward. We are proud of the success that Korttelikauppa has had in growing the business and opening new stores.’ tells Ville Voipio, Head of Sales and Marketing in Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging.

About the companies:

Suomen Korttelikauppa Oy is the first fully automated self-service grocery store chain in Finland. The first store was opened in central Helsinki in June 2020. The goal for Korttelikauppa is to bring services back to where people are, believing that ‘the best store is the one that is closest’.

Stora Enso is a leading global provider of renewable solutions in packaging, biomaterials, wooden construction and paper. It was ranked among top 1% in sustainability performance by EcoVadis in 2020. Intelligent Packaging at Stora Enso specializes in RFID based products and solutions for item level tracking, unmanned retail and industrial solutions. The unique Selfly Store by Stora Enso provides a turnkey solution for fully automated and unmanned retail in various settings, such as offices, hotels, grocery stores and semi-public spaces.

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