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New product release: Selfly Printer App for large volume tag encoding

Selfly Store by Stora Enso has released a new printer application for tag encoding. Selfly Printer App by Stora Enso makes the printing of pre-encoded RFID tags for Selfly Intelligent Cabinets easy and quick.

Connected to a Zebra RFID printer and Selfly Cloud, Selfly Printer App enables Selfly Intelligent Cabinet operators to print up to thousands of encoded, ready-to-use RFID tags within just a few minutes. In many cases, Selfly Store operators have several Selfly Intelligent Cabinet setups in different locations. With Selfly Printer App, operators can easily centralize their tag encoding.

Selfly Printer App is easy to install and take into use. As the application is connected to Selfly Cloud, the product information for the tags can be pulled directly from the operator’s existing product catalogue. This removes the need to manually add and check product information. It is also possible to include expiry date information of products to the RFID tags, which enables item-level tracking of expiry dates. This is particularly useful with fresh food products with short shelf lives as it enables operators to take timely actions to prevent food waste.

Selfly Printer App is available for all Selfly Store operators for a monthly software fee.

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