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New Selfly Store software update: expiry date management for fresh food

Selfly Store by Stora Enso has launched a software update that enables automated expiry date management. The feature is designed to help food retailers in fighting the environmental impacts and expenses of food waste.

As consumer demand for healthier and fresh food options is increasing, it becomes important that the tools to reduce food waste also evolve.

With RFID technology it is possible to automate processes and gain access to real-time information on, for example, inventory status and sales. With the new expiry date capability, operators can take further use of the item-level data to minimize food waste in self-service cabinets. The feature is built on Selfly Cloud and it is designed to be used together with Selfly Store cabinets. 

With the new feature, food merchants, such as grocers and caterers, are able to:

  • Automate the tracking of expiry dates on an item-level.
  • Receive instant notification of soon-to-expire products.
  • Automate product-, cabinet- and location-specific discount rules and remotely activate display screen advertisement to boost the sales of expiring products.
  • Automatically lock the cabinet if a product expires before it is removed.

Learn more about the feature here.