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Selfly Store: A European innovator gaining recognition in the US vending industry

At the forefront of vending innovation, Selfly Store, a European leader in intelligent vending technology, has been recognized with two prestigious awards at the Self Service Innovation Summit in Miami, USA, on December 6th. Winning the "Best Vending Solution" award, Selfly Store's system embodies efficiency and enhanced customer experiences. Its RFID technology not only facilitates quick transactions, averaging just 10 seconds, but also enhances the shopping experience with features like QR-based e-receipts and feedback, and a crucial expiration date management to minimize food waste.

CEO Aslak de Silva was awarded "Influencer of the Year," a nod to his significant role in expanding Selfly Store's presence across 22 countries. Under his guidance, the company has introduced innovative solutions like the market’s first truly smart vending freezer, reinforcing its commitment to advancing the vending industry. 

These achievements underscore Selfly Store's dedication to creating a more consumer-centric, data-driven, and sustainable vending landscape. By integrating cutting-edge technology with a focus on environmental responsibility, Selfly Store is not only reshaping the future of vending but also setting new standards for the industry's evolution.

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