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Selfly Store introduces a revolutionary smart vending freezer

Selfly Store, an smart vending company owned by Stora Enso, announces the commercial launch of its latest product, the Selfly Freezer. The Selfly Freezer is the first smart vending freezer on the market, and is set to revolutionize merchants’ capabilities to offer their customers perfectly frozen treats all season long. The Selfly Freezer launches commercially on April 19, at an event taking place in Metaverse.

The Selfly Freezer is the latest addition to the award-winning Selfly Store Model 3 product family, which offers a complete self-service solution through hardware, cloud-based software, RFID tags, and a service network. Using RFID technology, the Selfly Freezer provides real-time item-level data analytics to optimize sales and operations while reducing food waste.

“Our requirements and expectations for the performance and features of the Selfly Freezer were set high, measuring up to nothing less than the already existing Selfly Fridge and Selfly Ambient intelligent vending machines,” says Aslak de Silva, CEO of Selfly Store. “Designing, developing, and manufacturing a vending freezer which is truly intelligent is a complex and challenging task. We are proud to have developed a product that will make a significant impact on the unattended retail industry.”

The Selfly Freezer, along with the entire Selfly Store Model 3 series, is designed with a consumer-centric view in mind. The sleek design and inviting cabinet screen make shopping fun and effortless for consumers. Shoppers can use contactless payment methods, select several products in one go, and are able to touch and feel every product before selecting. The entire purchase takes only around 10 seconds.

The Selfly Freezer is a game-changer in the unattended retail industry, providing a seamless and intelligent solution for frozen product sales. The commercial launch marks the beginning of mass production for the Selfly Freezer, another major milestone for Selfly Store in their mission to bring innovation to the vending industry. All Selfly Store products, including the Selfly Freezer, are proudly developed and produced in Finland.

The Selfly Freezer launches commercially on April 19, 2023, during a Metaverse event.


Malin Östman, Marketing Director

+4670 167 2344