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Selfly Store selected as finalist in RFID Journal Award 2022

Selfly Store by Stora Enso was chosen as a finalist in the 2022 RFID Journal Award for Best RFID/IOT implementation (other industry). The award is one of the most prestigious RFID awards. It recognizes the leaders in RFID and fosters the adoption of the technologies by highlighting the best deployments and product offerings.

 “Selfly Store was chosen because of its innovative use of RFID technology to enable retailers to provide a self-service option to customers, enabling them to buy any time. This fits with current trends in retailing and will likely enhance the adoption of the technology by more companies,” says Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor of RFID Journal, and one of the judges.

Selfly Store uses RFID to recognize the products inside the Selfly Intelligent Cabinet. Every item inside the Selfly Intelligent Cabinet is tagged with an RFID tag, giving each product a unique identity. The Selfly solution offers an encoding station through which operators can quickly encode products with RFID tags to the Selfly Intelligent Cabinet. The RFID readers in the Selfly Intelligent Cabinet keep track of the cabinet inventory in real-time, which is updated to the Selfly Cloud. Through the Selfly Cloud, operators can get access to data, and see exactly how much has been sold and what needs to be re-stocked, cutting down the need for manual work.

 “By utilizing RFID technology, we can, with our Selfly expiry date management feature, make an impact both by reducing unnecessary food waste and help operators to stay on top of their business by providing the operators with real-time data. This nomination recognizes that our solution is the best item-level detection system in the market,” says Janne Jämsä, Product Management Director, Selfly Store. 

The winner will be announced 19 May 2022.

About Selfly Store

Selfly Store Oy is a Finnish company that develops and manufactures self-service technologies for the retail market, especially for B2C fresh food sales. It combines the traditional retail experience with the latest development in RFID technology to create a new way of serving customers 24/7. At the heart of the solution is the Selfly Intelligent Cabinet – an RFID-enabled fridge that enables consumers to buy items independently from the cabinet using contactless payment methods.

Selfly Store solution has been deployed in 22 countries across Europe. The solution is used by leading companies, such as Sodexo. In 2021, Selfly Store won the ‘Best Retail ICX’ Award from the Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Association and in 2022 "The best new product" by the Vendies