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Enhanced customization and efficiency for merchants 

In May 2023, Selfly Store is launching its latest software update, introducing features aimed at enriching the vending experience for merchants operating Selfly Store’s intelligent vending machines. Let’s explore the highlights of this release. 

Firstly, personalization has taken a step forward with enhanced cabinet screen customization. Merchants can now use the Selfly Cloud Portal to adapt the intelligent vending machine top screen’s look and feel to their brand colors, providing a personalized touch for their customers. 

Fancy vending machine

Operational efficiency sees major improvements as well. The Selfly Cloud Portal now alerts operators to new software releases, and updates can be pushed simultaneously to multiple devices. Moreover, one can even schedule these updates for predefined times within the next seven days, giving merchants better control over their vending fleet. 

Another significant upgrade is the refill experience. The intelligent vending machine’s screen now displays refill content clearer, with an option to show only refilled items or the full inventory. This feature should greatly streamline the refill process. 

Finally, the unique discounting feature is now more versatile and engaging. For example, merchants can upload own campaign pictures for bundle discounts. It is also possible to display larger size notifications on the intelligent vending machine’s top screen for discounts, when fewer items are on discount.  

Vending machine management

In a nutshell, the May 2023 software release simplifies operations, enhances customization, and boosts efficiency. For detailed information about the release, please visit the Selfly Store Community pages. With these updates, Selfly Store continues to bring you the future of vending today.