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Hospital wit a smart vending machine

A Nordic hospital's journey with Selfly Store's smart vending machines

A Nordic hospital implements Selfly Store’s intelligent vending machines

Östersund’s Hospital, located in the region of Jämtland Härjedalen in Sweden, has taken a pioneering step in enhancing the convenience and accessibility of food for its staff, patients, and visitors. By implementing Selfly Store’s smart fridges, Selfly Fridges, the hospital has addressed several challenges related to food availability, especially during off-hours. This case story is based on an interview with Carl-Johan Norrbelius, food manager in the region of Jämtland Härjedalen, who has been instrumental in this initiative.

Key developments:

  • Initiated with six Selfly Fridges, the project expanded to twelve units after a successful six-month trial, attracting over 1,367 unique consumers and resulting in more than 6,000 transactions.
  • Strategic fridge placement ensured optimal service for hospital staff and visitors, with locations in the Café, Central Surgical Unit, Café Nyfiket, and the Medical Center.
  • Unique initiatives like the "Surgical Unit Friday Breakfast" where RFID-tagged items were used for special events, and the "Save the Planet" fridge, which offers discounted items nearing expiry, showcased innovative applications of the technology.
Intelligent vending machine for hospitals

Operational insights:

  • The fridges have played a crucial role in reducing food waste, offering discounted prices for items approaching expiry dates. In total the hospital has been able to reduce the food waste with between 60-70% (article in Swedish).
  • Based on data, the product assortment was refined to cater to the needs and preferences of the hospital community.
  • The fridges enhanced community engagement, sustainability efforts, and optimized operational hours of other food outlets.
  • Carl-Johan’s approach emphasizes strategic placement, simplicity in operation, and responsiveness to feedback. The Selfly Fridges have not only provided convenience but also reflected the hospital’s commitment to sustainability and community needs.
Meal vending machine at a hospital

Download the full case study

For a comprehensive understanding of how Östersund Hospital successfully integrated Selfly Store's intelligent vending solutions, download the full document and explore detailed insights, strategies, and the impact of this initiative.

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