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Selfly Store connected to the vending machine software Selfly Cloud

Selfly Cloud

The vending machine software that empowers merchants to optimize their smart vending business.

Unlock the power of smart vending with Selfly Store's vending machine software

Discover the future of smart vending with Selfly Cloud, the core of Selfly Store innovative technology. The Selfly Cloud is a vending machine software that harnesses the power of real-time data, advanced analytics, and comprehensive device management, to empower merchants to exceed today's retail challenges and anticipate the needs of tomorrow's consumers.

Real-time data access

Experience the power of immediate insight with Selfly Cloud's real-time data access. Monitor live sales, inventory levels, and customer interactions to make informed decisions on the fly. This software feature allows merchants to dynamically adjust their strategies based on up-to-the-minute information, ensuring operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Selfly Cloud vending machine software on a computer.

Advanced analytics

Dive deeper into your retail data with sophisticated analytics tools. Understand the nuances of product performance, identify emerging customer preferences, and track sales trends over time. These insights enable merchants to optimize their inventory, tailor their marketing strategies, and improve overall business outcomes.


Product catalogue management

Manage your product offerings with ease. The Selfly Cloud platform simplifies the process of updating and maintaining your product catalogue, ensuring that your Selfly Store smart vending machines always reflect the current demand and consumer trends. This feature supports a dynamic retail environment, allowing for quick responses to market changes.

Illustration of products which may go into a Selfly Store smart vending machine.

Expiry date tracking

Combat food waste and promote sustainability through intelligent expiry date tracking. By setting automatic discounting rules for perishable items nearing their expiry, merchants can ensure products are sold in a timely manner. This not only reduces waste but also contributes to environmental sustainability efforts.

Selfly Store expiry date shown on the smart vending machine screen.

Refill Planner

Streamline restocking with the Refill Planner, eliminating the need for spreadsheets by enabling direct creation of refill plans in Selfly Cloud. Specify product quantities, generate A4 printouts for pickers, and manage warehouse pickups and cabinet refills efficiently. Plans are easily managed through the Refill App and offer digital access via mobile or API for seamless integration with your systems.


Dynamic discounting and advertising

Maximize your revenue with Selfly Cloud's dynamic discounting and advertising capabilities. Tailor pricing strategies with combo deals and scheduled discounts to attract more customers. Additionally, leverage the advertising space on your Selfly Store smart vending machines’ screens to promote products, engage customers, and drive sales.

Selfly Store screen advertising.

Device management

Ensure your Selfly Store smart vending machines are always operating at their best. Our vending machine software enables remote device management so merchants can monitor cabinet health, troubleshoot issues, and update software from anywhere. This guarantees a seamless and satisfying shopping experience for customers, with minimal downtime.

Selfly Store device management

Vending machine software updates

At Selfly Store, we're committed to delivering state-of-the-art solutions through regular updates to our vending machine cloud software. These updates bring the newest features, bolster security, and fine-tune performance to ensure your operations remain efficient, secure, and at the forefront of retail innovation. Our seamless update process is designed to enhance your system without interrupting your business, keeping you competitive and your offerings fresh.

Selfly Cloud vending machine software updates


Enhance your operations with Selfly Cloud's API. Easily integrate your Selfly Store smart vending machines with existing business systems for streamlined workflows. Our API facilitates smooth data exchange, enabling custom solutions and efficient management. 


Big data and benchmarks with Selfly Insights

Selfly Insights is Selfly Store's leading data service, powered by the Selfly Cloud software. It combines detailed merchant data with broader industry insights from across Europe, providing a clear view of market trends. This service aggregates data from over 20 countries, enabling merchants to compare their vending machine performance globally. With actionable insights from quarterly reports, merchants can make informed decisions on product selection, pricing, and inventory management to boost profitability. 

Selfly Insights report cover

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