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Selfly Store smart vending machines on a row.

Selfly Insights

Leveraging comprehensive data for vending success

Maximize your business potential with Selfly Store's leading vending data service

Selfly Store is at the forefront of the vending revolution, offering a sophisticated vending data service through Selfly Insights. This service utilizes the power of Selfly Cloud to provide merchants with actionable insights, combining their operational data with expansive industry data from the European vending market.

The relation between Selfly Insights and Selfly Cloud

Selfly Cloud serves as a secure central hub for all merchant data, where merchants can safely access their own sales and operational information without seeing anyone else's data. On this solid base, Selfly Insights taps into this extensive data pool, comparing individual merchant performance with data from the broader Selfly network, which covers over 20 countries. This unique approach provides merchants with an unparalleled vending data service, offering a depth of understanding about their vending operations that was previously unattainable in the industry.


Key advantages of our Selfly Insights vending data service

The Selfly Insighs is a quarterly distributed data report. The key advantages include:

Comprehensive data insights: Access to global sales and consumer behavior data. Selfly Insights goes beyond basic analytics by offering global benchmarking, allowing you to understand how your machines perform in comparison to others across more than 20 countries and multiple industries.

Strategic decision making: Leverage the detailed report from our vending data service to uncover trends, identify opportunities for growth, and make informed decisions on product assortment, pricing, and inventory. This strategic empowerment enables you to adapt your operations based on real-world data, ensuring relevance and maximizing profitability.

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Embrace the vending data revolution with Selfly Insights

Take advantage of our limited-time offer to experience the Selfly Insights vending data service at no cost. This opportunity is available to existing customers who have operated a Selfly Store for at least three months. Join the data-driven revolution in vending and unlock the full potential of your vending operations. Contact your local Area Manager.

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