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Selfly Store smart vending machine with Sodexo products

 Sodexo's smart vending machine implementation in Sweden

Introduction to Sodexo

Sodexo, a global leader in food and facilities management services, employs approximately 400,000 people worldwide. The company excels in providing high-quality services across various sectors, including corporate, healthcare, and education. We spoke with Thomas Lehto, Restaurant and Site Manager for Sodexo in Falun, to learn more about the unique partnership between Sodexo, Stora Enso, and Selfly Store.

Sodexo using a Selfly Fridge in the Falun office in Sweden

Sodexo’s partnership with Stora Enso

For over two decades, Sodexo has played a crucial role in the daily operations at the renewable materials company, Stora Enso's, Falun office, providing a wide array of services. This partnership encompasses the management of the on-site restaurant, as well as cleaning, catering, and reception services.

The collaboration saw a significant evolution around 2010 when the private restaurant at the site opened its doors to the public, now serving 150-200 meals daily to both employees and visitors. The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic marked another major turning point, leading to a significant downturn in business and the adoption of a hybrid working model at Stora Enso. Reflecting on these changes, Thomas Lehto states, "The shift to a hybrid model, where employees are working more from home, has allowed us to operate with a smaller Sodexo team. This change required a re-evaluation of our services to continue meeting the needs of employees, especially during late afternoons and evenings. Despite these adjustments, we are pleased to see restaurant traffic rebounding close to pre-pandemic levels."

Incorporating Selfly Store's smart vending fridge

In response to changing work patterns and the need for extended service hours, Sodexo implemented Selfly Store's smart vending fridge at the Stora Enso office. This decision was driven by the goal of providing convenient access to food and drinks outside of regular restaurant hours, particularly for those working late afternoons and evenings. The implementation was made possible thanks to a close dialogue between Sodexo and with Stora Enso’s site manager who also supported the installation of the smart fridge, recognizing its potential to enhance employee convenience.

Sodexo products with RFID tags

Sodexo’s smart vending machine sales and operations

The smart vending fridge, situated in a new bookable office area, is tailored to serve a white-collar demographic, predominantly aged 25 and above. Although its current location yields modest sales, it provides a highly valued service to the employees. The smart vending fridge is stocked with a selection of popular items, including sandwiches, drinks, and snacks, thoughtfully chosen based on customer preferences and the popularity of products.

Thomas and his team at Sodexo effectively manage the fridge using the Selfly Cloud for daily stock monitoring and refilling. The smart vending solution has proven to be a viable alternative to traditional canteens, and efficiently addressing food waste concerns. Through diligent daily inventory management, Thomas and his team can easily meet consumer needs while minimizing food waste. Thomas remarks, “The smart vending machine from Selfly Store is operator-friendly. You can easily refill it using your phone to open the door, which is much more efficient than dealing with the spirals or slots of traditional vending machines. For consumers, the experience is enhanced by the ability to physically examine the products before buying.”

Looking ahead, Sodexo plans to continue evaluating the performance and impact of the smart vending fridge. This includes considering a potential relocation of the fridge to a more high-traffic area within the office, with the aim of increasing its visibility and accessibility, thereby boosting sales and further enhancing the service provided to Stora Enso's employees. This ongoing assessment and willingness to adapt are reflective of Sodexo's commitment to meeting the evolving needs of their clientele and maximizing the effectiveness of their innovative vending solutions.


Sodexo's integration of Selfly Store's smart vending technology at Stora Enso's Falun office is a testament to their innovative approach in facilities management. It highlights the benefits of smart vending solutions in adapting to modern work environments and enhancing service offerings.

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