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Benefits of a smart vending machine

In the rapidly evolving retail landscape, innovation is key to meeting consumers' demands for convenience, speed, and a seamless shopping experience. Enter the smart vending machine, a revolutionary concept transforming how we shop. At the forefront of this innovation is the Selfly Store, with its Model 3 Series. Let’s explore the benefits of a smart vending machine and how Selfly Store is leading the charge in this exciting space.

Convenience and accessibility

One of the most significant benefits of a smart vending machine is the unparalleled convenience it offers. The Selfly Store Model 3 Series is designed to provide consumers with a frictionless grab-and-go experience. Whether it's a workplace, hotel, restaurant, or public space, these intelligent cabinets ensure that fresh, healthy, and ready-made meals and snacks are available 24/7. This is a game-changer especially for shift workers, travelers, and anyone with a busy lifestyle.

Diverse product range

The Selfly Store Model 3 Series features three different versions—Selfly Ambient, Selfly Fridge, and Selfly Freezer—each tailored to specific product needs. From fresh food and non-food products in the Selfly Ambient to ready-made meals in the Selfly Fridge, and frozen treats in the Selfly Freezer, the variety ensures that consumers have access to a wide range of products, all maintained at optimal temperatures. This diversity highlights the benefits of a smart vending machine, accommodating various consumer preferences. smart vending machines with food, drinks, and non-food products

Enhanced shopping experience

Shopping with the Selfly Store Model 3 is not just fast but also convenient. The sleek cabinet design, user-friendly interface, and contactless payment methods make the process seamless. Consumers can unlock the cabinet with a simple tap, explore products at their leisure, and purchase multiple items in one go. This frictionless experience encourages repeat usage and increases customer satisfaction, showcasing the benefits of a smart vending machine in creating positive consumer interactions.

Real-time data and analytics

Smart vending machines are transforming operations by providing merchants real-time data and advanced analytics via platforms like the Selfly Cloud. These insights into inventory levels, sales trends, and consumer behavior empower merchants to optimize stock, tailor promotions, and adjust offerings to meet customer demands. As a result of utilizing the analytics and data from Selfly Store, over the past year, on average, Selfly Store's smart vending machines have achieved more than a 40% increase in revenue each month compared to 2023.

Benefits of a smart vending machines with Selfly Cloud

Reduced food waste

Food waste is a pressing global issue with profound environmental and economic implications. The Selfly Store Model 3 Series addresses this challenge through its innovative expiry date management feature. Merchants can automatically apply discounts to products nearing expiration, significantly reducing waste while promoting sustainability. At Östersund's hospital, Selfly Store's smart vending machines have proven instrumental, reducing food waste by an impressive 60-70% through strategic discounting strategies for items nearing expiry. This approach not only minimizes environmental impact but also enhances profitability by ensuring products are sold rather than discarded. The benefits of a smart vending machine thus extend to both ecological and economic aspects.

Operational efficiency

Setting up and maintaining the Selfly Store Model 3 is straightforward. Merchants receive comprehensive training and support, ensuring they can quickly get their smart vending machines up and running. The Selfly Refill App allows for secure and efficient restocking, with real-time inventory updates simplifying the process. This operational efficiency frees up time for merchants to focus on other aspects of their business, illustrating another key benefit of a smart vending machine.


The benefits of a smart vending machine are clear, and the Selfly Store Model 3 Series exemplifies how this technology can revolutionize the shopping experience. By offering convenience, diverse product options, real-time data, and food waste reduction features, Selfly Store is setting a new standard in the retail industry. Join the new era of smart vending and discover more about Selfly Store and the Model 3 Series by visiting our products page.


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