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Elevate Your Black Friday Game with Selfly Store Model 3


Black Friday is not just about discounts; it's a retail spectacle. With Selfly Store Model 3, merchants have a high-tech ally to transform traditional sales into an immersive shopping fiesta. Here are creative tips to ensure your Selfly Store becomes the highlight of the holiday shopping season.

  1. Utilize dynamic pricing for flash sales

Black Friday is synonymous with deals. Use the Selfly Store's dynamic pricing features to schedule time-sensitive discounts that create urgency. Set automatic price reductions for peak shopping hours to attract more customers and consider flash sales* for specific items to keep the momentum throughout the day.

  1. Create Black Friday bundles with a twist

Set up Black Friday bundles that change every hour, creating a sense of mystery and anticipation. Use the Selfly Store screen to tease what the next hour's bundle could include, encouraging customers to return. Think of "Mystery Bags" with hidden items at a flat rate, ensuring a surprise with every purchase.

  1. Storytelling through the screen

Utilize the screen to tell a story about the products. For instance, a dynamic countdown for the next mega deal can draw attention. Engage customers with trivia or fun facts about the products they are buying, making the shopping experience educational and entertaining.

  1. Leverage social proof with real-time updates

This one requires a bit of manual work to updated the screen pictures continuously, but could be very impactful: Showcase real-time updates on the screen of how many customers have bought an item, creating a buzz and harnessing the power of FOMO (fear of missing out). Display customer testimonials or ratings for products to build trust and encourage purchases.

  1. Introduce interactive social media challenges

If you have built an app on top of the Selfly Store solution, you can encourage customers to share their purchases on social media with a specific hashtag to unlock instant discounts on their next purchase or enter a Black Friday sweepstake. Feature some of these social media posts on the Selfly Store screen, building a community feeling and engaging potential customers passing by.

In summary

Black Friday is the time to break the mold and provide an extraordinary shopping experience. With the Selfly Store Model 3, you're equipped to create a memorable event that's more than just savings—it's an adventure. Delight your customers with a creative, tech-savvy approach to the biggest sales day of the year, and watch your brand's appeal and revenues soar.