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Vending operators using Selfly Store's smart vending machines

Smart vending machines enhance sales for vending operators

In the traditional vending industry, the lack of real-time data, static product offerings, and mechanical malfunctions have hampered growth and profitability. Selfly Store revolutionizes this by enabling wide assortments and real-time inventory management. This means that product selection and replenishment are optimized remotely and based on data.

With average revenues of 1300-2800 per month and cabinet, and a basket size increase of 12% to €4,82 in 2024, Selfly Store significantly outperforms traditional vending machines.

With help of dynamic pricing and advertising, our cloud data shows that Selfly Store operators have increased their revenue per cabinet with 28%-52% (depending on month of comparison) between 2023-2024. The number of transaction during the same period increased with 35% per cabinet. Moreover, the number of purchases with multiple items is 27%.  

Last but not least, the expiry date management feature in combination with discounting capabilities show that food waste can be reduced with up to 85% if used diligently in catering environments, and up to 70% in hospital environments.

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