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Selfly Store payment solutions

Our vending machine payment systems

At Selfly Store, we pride ourselves on driving innovation in vending machine payment systems to match the convenience and versatility the modern consumer seeks. Our smart vending solutions are equipped with the latest in payment technology, ensuring a seamless and secure transaction every time.


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The evolution of vending payment options

In today's dynamic market, the expectation for contactless and diverse payment methods is the norm, and at Selfly Store, our vending machine payment system exceeds these expectations by offering an array of accessible, user-friendly options. With the financial landscape continually evolving, our vending machine payment systems are crafted to be future-proof, ready to adapt and lead in the digital transaction space.

Incorporating Selfly Store's smart vending fridge

In response to changing work patterns and the need for extended service hours, Sodexo implemented Selfly Store's smart vending fridge at the Stora Enso office. This decision was driven by the goal of providing convenient access to food and drinks outside of regular restaurant hours, particularly for those working late afternoons and evenings. The implementation was made possible thanks to a close dialogue between Sodexo and with Stora Enso’s site manager who also supported the installation of the smart fridge, recognizing its potential to enhance employee convenience.

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Our comprehensive payment providers and partners 

Nayax VPOS Touch terminals: Offering a seamless payment experience with its multi-functional terminals, supporting a wide range of payment methods, and equipped with consumer engagement features for unattended businesses. In 2023 incremental authorization for adaptable transaction amounts was introduced, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Valina terminals supported by Logos and Nets acquiring: Setting the standard for secure, contactless transactions, offering user-friendly interfaces and robust processing capabilities for a modern retail experience. Already supporting incremental authorization depending on the region and card issuing banks.

Ingenico via Worldline Axis Platform: Our partnership with Antenor payment integrator and Worldline enhances our vending machine payment system by making customer experience smoother and equipping merchants with an array of new features and card schemes for a complete payment experience. Supporting incremental authorization in 2024.

NoPayn collaboration (Norway): NoPayn will bring a tailored vending machine payment system, offering clients’ preferred payment solutions with innovative Payter Apollo terminals. Supporting incremental authorization in 2024.

DigitizMe agreement (France): Our agreement with DigitizMe will introduce white-label mobile and web applications as payment solutions, enriching our vending machine payment system with the versatility to accept various lunch/meal cards and employee subsidized benefits.

Our ongoing commitment

At Selfly Store, we’re dedicated to leading the way in the evolution of vending machine payment systems. We prioritize inclusivity, ensuring that every customer can effortlessly use their payment method of choice at our smart vending machines. Our partnerships underscore our unwavering commitment to innovative, customer-centric solutions that keep us ahead in the smart vending industry. We're shaping a future where our smart vending solutions are universally accessible, accommodating all preferred payment methods.

Be part of the payment revolution

We invite you to explore our advanced vending machine payment system solutions and join us in shaping the future of vending machine transactions. For more information on our expansive payment options or to become part of our innovative network, please contact us, or more about Selfly Store's smart vending machines here.


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