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Smart vending machines for workplaces / offices

Use cases for Selfly Selfly Store's smart vending machines in workplaces

Increase office productivity and employee happiness

A Selfly Store cabinet close to employees’ workplaces doesn’t only save precious time in terms of relocating and queuing in busy lunch canteens, but it also provides 24/7 access to fresh and healthy food outside of the traditional canteen opening hours. In workplaces with shift work this is a game-changer.

A nearby Selfly Store gives employees the possibility to keep blood sugar levels stable, through several snacks throughout the workday. And did you know that adequate workplace nutrition has proven to significantly increase workplace productivity? Moreover, working strategically with food benefits from the Selfly Store cabinets can make employers more attractive and encourage employees to spend time at the workplace.

Smart vending machine inventory tracking system

healthier approach to snacking and meals

In the modern workplaces, fostering a positive office culture and promoting employee wellness have become paramount. The introduction of smart office vending machines, like the Selfly Store Model 3, marks a significant leap forward in achieving these goals.

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Woman eating salad in an office from a smart vending machine

Happy Boss: Transforming workplace dining with contactless vending

The global pandemic has not only reshaped our understanding of work but also highlighted the significance of employee well-being in the workplace. As organizations worldwide pivot towards more flexible work models, the role of food at work emerges as a cornerstone in this new paradigm. 

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Happy Boss and smart vending machines

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