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Selfly Store wins ‘Best Machine Innovation’ award at the Vendies 2023 

Selfly Store, a leading provider of intelligent vending solutions, has claimed victory at Vendies 2023, winning the “Best Machine Innovation” award with the Selfly Freezer. The Vendies, organised by Datateam Business Media, publishers of Vending International, recognises and rewards exceptional contributions to the vending industry. The 2023 awards ceremony was held in London on June 7th. 

“This is an immense honor and a true testament to the innovation, hard work, and dedication of our team,” said Aslak de Silva, CEO of Selfly Store. “We are thrilled that our Selfly Freezer, along with our efforts to provide superior vending solutions and to disrupt the vending industry, have been acknowledged at such a prestigious level.” 

The award-winning Selfly Freezer is the latest addition to the Selfly Store Model 3 product family, powered by RFID technology and used by more than 100 forward-thinking companies across 21 countries in Europe. The Selfly Freezer was commercially launched in April 2023 and the first intelligent vending freezer on the market.  

“Our vision is to predict people’s needs in advance, enabling them to ‘selfly’ their preferred goods at the right time and place, with zero waiting time and reduced food waste. Being recognized with the Best Machine Innovation award gives us powerful confirmation that we’re on the right path towards realizing our vision,” shared de Silva. 

Selfly Store extends heartfelt gratitude to all its customers, partners, and team members for their unwavering support and shared commitment to innovation and excellence in the vending industry. We look forward to continuing to drive change and set new standards in the industry. 

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